WATER TRUCKS, for mining and civil.

A few thoughts from the design desk of AMG TRAILERS…..
Payload and longevity are the backbone of the AMG TANKER.
All equipment on current water carts are from a few suppliers, so no great advantage is held be any manufacturer of tankers..

….but, water is a bulk commodity, just like fuel, fertiliser and grain. The most efficient carriers of these commodities operates cost effective and efficient to operate vehicles. Just because the water is essentially free doesnt mean that the vehicle has to be inefficient in any way. For instance, could any vehicle manuacturer sell a grain trailer with a 10mm thick flat steel floor? Probably not. Could they convince the grain haulier that 6mm thick flat steel sides was a good option? Probably not. Could you convince any fuel transport company that carrying liquids in flat panelled tankers was in his best interest? Again…. probably not.

At AMGT, we prefer to rely on utilising our advanced body builders experience, and with the help of 3D CAD development, we provide a more efficient solution to your water vehicle needs

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