AMG Trailers

AMG TRAILERS is a family owned business that specialises in manufacturing efficient road transport equipment. Utilising cutting edge 3D CAD programmes, and advanced steel processing including CNC cutting and bending. Fabrication is to the highest standard. Welding is completed to a higher standard and with the latest in USA sourced ‘pulse welding’ technology.

We understand the type of road transport equipment that you need, work with your particular job specifications, and develop the most functional and cost effective solution for you.
OUR SPECIALTY is making your trailers more productive every trip, and your business more profitable every day.

* The AMGT developed ‘ConVey’ a conveyor floored trailer developed specifically for low risk transport of asphalt, aggregates and other loose materials as an industry leader.

*If you are looking at a low tare steel tipper, you’ll often find that an AMGT designed tipper incorporating Hardox450 steel is lighter and more durable than an aluminium equivalent trailer.

*The AMGT developed low tare logging road trains allow the haulage of the highest payloads in the industry.

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