AMG Trailers

AMG TRAILERS (AMGT) is a Western Australian based company, specialising in the design and fabrication of industry leading heavy road transport equipment, AMGT have a track record of producing some of the lowest tare steel trailers in any class.

Innovative design and the use of SSAB products including Hardox and Stenx materials allow AMG Trailers to manufacture steel trailers that are exceptionally durable with impressively low tare weights. If a higher level of profitability every day interests you, look towards AMG TRAILERS.

End Tippers

The AMG TRAILERS ‘MaxiMiser’ steel tipper is a revolution in quarry and other loose bulk transport.

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CONVEYOR FLOOR, for asphalt and quarry

The Conveyor Floor trailer, or Live Bottom as the North Americans prefer to call them, is here to stay. AMGT have developed our own version of the Conveyor Floor trailer.

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AMGT have developed logging trailers specifically for the high volume transport of softwood logs.
Utilising the exceptional high strength capabilities of Hardox 450, AMG TRAILERS design team developed low profile bolsters and full height stanchions to ensure that every load is full volume and full weight.

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AMG TRAILERS side tipping trailers are manufactured to the highest standards. Using 3D design and best practice, AMGT side tippers are developed for high durability and to meet maximum payload requirements.

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