CONVEYOR FLOOR, for asphalt and quarry.

The Conveyor Floor trailer, or Live Bottom as the North Americans prefer to call them, is here to stay. AMGT have developed our own version of the Conveyor Floor trailer. While the currently imported and licensed to manufacture North American vehicles in the Australian market make little allowance for our specialist requirements, AMG TRAILERS have developed the AMGT Conveyor floor trailer that takes into account the importance of a low tare trailer, supplying a fully equipped vehicle, and the importance of supplying at reasonable cost. We also understand that your vehicle will likely require maintenance over its lifetime, so we ensure that the bulk of spare part components that you may require are available from your local suppliers. You wont find yourself held to ransom for spare parts by us. At AMGT, we build the worlds lightest steel tri-axle tipper, so its understandable that we also incorporate similar weight saving design techniques into your Conveyor Floor Trailer.

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